We ALL Love Our Pets…

At FTI Pet Products, OUR MISSION is

to provide a SAFE, NATURAL and EFFECTIVE option

for flea and tick prevention.

Growing Up in Southern California…

our family pets suffered from flea bites and related allergies. We recall our mom trying every flea collar and shampoo available, with no real effect. When they first came out, we used topicals on our family pets, but always disliked the fact that many contain harmful ingredients and can have bad side effects.

When our mom came across Jeff Gilmore with his Flea Treats at the Orange County Fair in the 1990’s, it was a game changer! Finally, a safe, natural and effective way to control fleas! Little did she know she was late to the game, as Flea Treats started way back in 1980! By the time Mom “discovered” them in the 1990’s they had already built up a loyal following of customers just like her – people interested in flea control without insecticides for their pets.

April, Jim & Amber

Molly & Evie

How It All Happened…

When placing an order this summer, April spoke with Jeanie and learned she and Jeff were retiring and putting the business up for sale. We loved the idea of a family business and working for ourselves. Our mom would be so excited to see her kids working together to bring the great product she loved to great people who love their pets.

Jeff and Jeanie told us how unbelievably nice all their customers have been over the years, and we’re finding that to be so very true! It’s exciting and gratifying to hear stories of how pets are being helped by Flea Treats – we couldn’t have hoped for a more fulfilling opportunity to come our way!

A Letter From

Jeff & Jeanie

To all of our wonderful customers.  We would like to thank you for your patronage and loyalty.  As most of you know we have had a trying couple of years.

After 40 years we have decided to retire.  We were able to find a wonderful family to take over our baby!

We will miss you all as you know we sincerely love animals and loved being able to provide a safe, natural product for your fur babies.


Thank You ALL,  
Jeff and Jeanie Gilmore

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