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Flea Treats MOLLY Truck

I don’t care how cool I look in front of this truck, Dad…this cement is HOT!!!

How hot is too hot? 85 degrees says Molly, and most experts agree. If the temperature is 85 degrees or over without the chance for the pavement …

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Flea Treats Wilma and Betty Calico Cats

Calico Cats 💕

Did you know….that the Calico is not a breed of cat, but the color pattern of it’s fur? To be called “calico”, three colors must …

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Flea Treats Molly at the Car Show - Looking Cool

Everyone appreciates a well-behaved dog…

I’m proud to say I usually get compliments on how well-behaved Molly is when I take her out in public. It takes a lot of …

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Flea Treats - Eleanor standing on table at sunset

YES to Flea Treats – NO to Seizures

Eleanor says “FLEA TREATS, YES PLEASE!!” From the time she was rescued, this little princess suffered from seizures. We’ll never know what triggered them, but …

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Flea Treats - Kitty Raising Hand Asking for Treat


They rock so hard, in fact, that we bought the company! We discovered them over 20 years ago at the Orange County Fair in Southern …

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