Flea Treats Rosie 1

April 24, 2023

Rosie is an 11 year old chocolate Labrador who could not be sweeter.   

Thanks for keeping her flea-free for her whole life! ♥

Polly S. /

Piedmont, California

Flea Treats Dottie

May 23, 2023:

Our puppy, Dottie, is a "second generation" Flea Treat fan! She has been on Flea Treats since we brought her home at 4 months of age. She loves them...they are treats to her.
【Our previous pup, Moose, was on Flea Treats his whole life (17 years) and never had a flea!】

Lorelle P. /

Ontario, California

Flea Treats Boston Terriers

May 21, 2023:

I have been using flea treats for over 30 years.

Steve M. /

Whittier, California

Flea Treats Rescues Maggie & Harley

May 15, 2023

Maggie is our rescue shih tsu and Harley is our rescue cat. They enjoy yard adventures and not having fleas!  

Elisabeth A. /

Longview, Washington

Flea Treats Allie Yeamans - Therapy Dog

May 10, 2023

I have been using Flea Treats on all my dogs for about 13 years. I have been a loyal customer, because they work! If dosed consistently, the fleas don’t bother my dogs.  

Barbara Y. /

San Diego, California

Flea Treats Toby from Canada

May 8, 2023 

Toby has been using Flea Treats since he was a pup!  His mom Linda reports that he absolutely LOVES his Flea Treats!  "Toby says thanks - he is a handsome boy and is so nice inside and out. "

Linda M. /

Toronto, Ontario CANADA

Flea Treats Walter Cox

May 7, 2023

Walter, pictured LOVES his flea treats. So do my golden retrievers! I feel good knowing that there are no harsh chemicals. They eat them like their favorite treats! Thank you, Flea Treats, for your awesome product!! 🐾 

Phyllis C. /

Battle Creek, Michigan

Flea Treats Kobe & Brodie from Ohio

May 3, 2023

My son’s dog Kobe, the furball, and my dog Brodie, the brut! 😂
They both love their Flea Treats! I researched for a healthy way to keep the fleas and ticks off our babies since we live in a rural community and found Flea Treats. They work! Kobe is so furry as you can see, Brodie is short haired and not one flea or tick found on either of them.
When I open the bottle, Brodie immediately starts to drool, he can’t wait for them. Nothing but great interactions with the company. Fast delivery when ordering.

Trish B. /

Tiffin, Ohio

Flea Treats Aussies Since 2018

May 2, 2023

We’ve been using Flea Treats since late 2018. We have three Aussies and were afraid of the pesticides used in flea medications causing a reaction in our dogs. Someone told us about Flea Treats, and I decided to give them a try. Since starting them on the pills, we’ve not had one flea or tick! We feel confident using them and knowing there will be no reactions and our babies are 100% safe from side effects!

Cyndi W. /

Fountain Inn, South Carolina

Flea Treats - Bailey the papillion 15yrs

April 27, 2023

Bailey is a 15 year old Papillion that has been using Fleatreats for the last 3 months. His coat is softer and he is acting like a dog half his age. Not one flea to be found.

Jason F. /

Placentia, California

Deebo loves his Flea Treats

April 22, 2023

Deebo is a three year old Cane Corso. Deebo has been taking Flea Treats for about 6 weeks, his coat is super shiny, he sheds less, his energy level has increased immensely and there are no signs of fleas. The best thing of all is that Deebo loves the taste of Flea Treats and takes them without a fuss.

Shawna W. /

Garden Grove, California

Flea Treats Keoki

April 11, 2023

Our 3 year old cat had been itching and scratching for months - he was losing fur.  After taking Flea Treats, our cat began to itch less and less.  Now after a few months, he rarely scratches at all.  The only difference or change was taking the Flea Treats! 

Heather P. /

Costa Mesa, California

Flea Treats_Generic Testimonial_Cat

April 10, 2023

SOOO grateful for you guys and this fleatreat! It really helps our cat!!!

Thank YOU SO Much,

Jennifer H. /

Kapaa, Hawaii

Flea Treats_Generic Testimonial_Cat_512_Trans_B

Hi, “Flea Treats” people.

My friend Mary gave me some sample of flea treats for my cat Harriet, said she was thinking of her (got them from the Pomona CA. fair) so I read the pamphlet and saw a little note from someone else that interested me – (he’s a very happy cat now, his sores are gone and his hair has grown back!”).  My cat Harriet has the same stuff.  I prayed she like the flea treats, she loves them.  I gave one everyday with what I had, and I noticed right away that Harriet had life in her and was running around and not itching or biting.  Then with two left, I stopped, soon after she went back into itching and biting.  Harriet and I love the idea that it’s all natural.  Thank you.

Harriet – 9 yr.



Max (our beloved Cocker) just celebrated his 11th birthday.  Before finding Flea Treats about 5 years ago, his allergy to fleas was so severe, I was afraid we’d have to put him down.  (I also have allergies to fleas).  I’m happy to report he is doing fabulously so am I thanks to you.

By the way – he doesn’t let me forget to give him his treats every morning.  He’s quite vocal about it & sits right next to the counter where I kept the bottle.

Lois C.

Flea Treats_Generic Testimonial_Cat

I love your product!

I just drop a tablet in my cats’ food bowls in the morning and at night.

Karen S. – San Diego, California

August 16, 2022…

Thank you so much. I hope my grand-dog gets the GREAT results my dog has had. No yukky chemicals and not a flea
to be seen!


October 5, 2016…

Recently I took my dog to the vet for shots, and the vet commented on how nice her coat is. I am certain that is due
to Flea Treats. Thank you for such a nice product.


Vicki – Perris, California

Flea Treats_Generic Testimonial_Cat_512_Trans_B

September 26, 2002…

I have 6 feral cats that all like your treats. WOW!


Flea Treats_Generic Testimonial_Cat

June 24, 2000…

This summer has been one of the worst flea seasons in East Texas in the past few years. We wanted to stay away from pesticides and other harmful chemicals and Flea Treats have been the perfect solution. After about 2 weeks our dog and 6 cats have experienced a major reduction in fleas, and their coats have never been softer or more shiny! And we never had a problem getting any of our pets to eat the treats. They gobble them up, and you should
see them flock around whenever I shake the bottle!

Good job!

Torri – Texas

July 16, 1999...

Our dog, a Japanese Chin, is a most fussy eater – the worst I have ever seen.  But she loves these pills/vitamins and her fleas hate them.  Thank you much –                    P.S.  We got your product at the Del Mar Fair.

Ron N.

Flea Treats_Generic Testimonial_Cat_512_Trans_B

Your product is great! 

I’m so glad we meet you people at the State Fair.  Both my dog’s and my cat love the pills.  Their coats are much better and my cat has no more fleas or sores. Thank you again.

Austin A.

March 22, 1999…

We bought a bottle from you at the Sonoma County Fair last summer for our Shih-Tzu. It worked wonderfully! He
doesn’t itch and chew any more. We sleep all night!

Thank you very much,


March 3, 1995…

We want to thank you very much for the Flea Treats, the dogs love them very much. They have not been itching and
their coat is very shiny.

Thanks again,

Susan & Paula, Cami & Carlie – Santa Rosa, California

August 16, 1988…

I bought your Flea Treats at the Del Mar Fair this year. Up to now I have not had to use any flea powder on my two
basset hounds. Not only did it work wonders to keep the fleas away, they think it is a great treat and never let me
forget to give it to them.

Thank you.

Ingrid – San Diego, California

Flea Treats_Generic Testimonial_Cat_512_Trans_B

October 11, 1986…

Last June a friend gave me a bottle of Flea Treats containing 250 tablets. ALL my neighbors had trouble with fleas –
not I!


Sam – Covington, Georgia

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