Flea Treats - Eleanor standing on table at sunset

YES to Flea Treats – NO to Seizures

Eleanor says “FLEA TREATS, YES PLEASE!!”

From the time she was rescued, this little princess suffered from seizures. We’ll never know what triggered them, but giving her a flea and tick control that is known to cause seizures was certainly NOT an option. FLEA TREATS to the rescue!!

Have you had a bad experience with other flea treatments?

1 thought on “YES to Flea Treats – NO to Seizures”

  1. I had white and tabby cat named Lacy who had terrible reactions to topical flea treatments. No seizures, but drooling and acting weird for 2 or 3 days. While at the Orange County Fair, my mom came across Flea Treats and decided to give them a try. We were shocked at the results- NO FLEAS and A BEAUTIFUL COAT!!!

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